Introduction of V

The Internet Opened us up to a constant flow of information – Let V Bank Open You Up to a Constant Flow of Cash

You’re on the Brink. Let’s fight for your financial freedom together. I’ll Show You the Way.

You’re on the Brink. Let’s ride for your financial freedom together. I’ll Show You the Way.

Want to Be Financially Free? You Can Be. I’ll Show You the Way.

Wanna be a Billionaire? You Probably Won’t. But You Can Be Comfortable. I’ll Show You How.

Hustling? Make the Fruit of Your Hustle Bear More Fruit.


My name is V, but my friends call me VEEE. I grew up with the internet and social media has shown me the life of luxury that is possible. The internet has freed us from the old boundaries and gives us access unlike our parents and theirs. So, of course I moved to Gbagada with some of my friends. While the country stagnates, my mates and I? — we move.

We figured out how to fix a problem we see our neighbors trying to manage every day and now it’s our hustle. We call ourselves the VEEES – we’re the ones who you’ve been hearing about – the people who are ahead of the times and just by the small consistent successes everyone sees us achieve in our hustle, our energy is pulling Nigerians along with us and inspiring them in their hustles.

One day, I know our hustle will take us outside of Nigeria, but for now, I’m using my spare cash to fix my car when issues pop up from time to time and lending to my friends when they have a need. We’re all together and we know what we all face every day.

But we, the VEEES, we are a growing a community of Nigerians who have learned to live on our own terms. We ‘wanna be billionaires’ – and we believe that through the internet and the access to the world that it provides, anything is possible – but we don’t know how. No one ever talked to us about money; they told us to make it, but not what to do with it once we get some.

Not every time hustle, sometimes take your money, save your money, invest your money – dey grow am. When you get return, repeat.

We’ve figured it out though, and little by little, I’m growing my small money into something bigger and bigger. And I know that true wealth is enjoyed in good company and that means I need to bring my people, and their people and their people’s people along. So, I’ve created a community of VEEES – the Veelagers – to usher Nigerians into the future of saving and investing, of using the small money they have to create more and more money, right from their phones.

The V Force has issued an open invitation to all Nigerians – to keep their main accounts, but sign up for V Bank for daily transactions. I promise to make it easy for Nigerians who sign up to  to experience the future of banking and then join The Force themselves.

For Nigerians who want to go beyond basic banking and use technology + their mobile phones to save, manage, invest and track their money, V Bank is the way.