How To Open Your Fixed Deposit Account On V

The V Mobile Application is your access to all things banking on the go. Opening a Vbank account is easy and can be completed within 2 minutes. The application enables you to create an account either by using an existing BVN number or an existing bank account number. … Let us get you started on opening your V Account step by step:

Step 1:

Log into V App, Click more


      Step 2:

Click Open Target/Fixed Deposit Account

Step 3:

Choose Fixed Deposit Account

Step 4:

Set the amount, duration, and source account


Step 5:

Review and Verify the summary, and then confirm with PIN

Step 6:

Input your PIN to complete create the fixed deposit Account

The fixed deposit account is a feature of the V Bank Mobile App that allowed customers to save and earn money at the same time. The interest rates on the fixed deposits are competitive and in line with market reality.

To this end, you can now open your salary, savings, or current account – Categorize and create smart budgets for your expenses – Send money to 3rd parties for cash.



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