Veelager: Vbank Ecosystem Offerings and Products

To start with, a  Veelager is anyone or individual who has joined the Veelage, an Agent Network designed by Vbank, a digital bank revolution to assist individuals with interest to earn additional income or promote the V brand.

The village of agents since inception boast of a sustained number of account holders signed up using a unique ID and maintaining an average account balance.

In addition, the Vbank Ecosystem as an Agent Network allowed subscribers to create a virtual bank of their own and at the same time begin earning by referring others to join the V Network.

To this end, the Agent Network is the most empowering hub in the V ecosystem. The incentive allowed subscribers to earn up to N2million per month as the features also allowed them to setup their own bank simply by:

Setting up a V Account in 2 minutes;

Generate a unique ID and referral code to share with family and friends;

Maintain  a given number of active accounts and average balance for each level;

Most importantly, payment is made on the 3rd working day of every month for qualifying Veelagers

How To Become A Veelager With V

There are four steps to becoming a Veelager with V.  Before we get started you need to know about Active V Account.

Please note an active V Account is the one that has completed registration and have at least N2000 on it daily.

However, the steps are as follows:

  1. Download the V App from the online App Store. Follow the easy step to create an account with V. Remember to have your BVN ready or an already existing account link to your BVN
  2. Log in to your App. Click on ’More’’ at the bottom right hand of the dashboard then click on start ‘Your Own Bank’ to access the Agent dashboard.
  3. To share your Referral Code, click on ‘More’ then click on Referrals and you will see a new page with your Referral Code at the top of the screen. On the same page, you  will see the option of sharing your Code via SMS,  Email, or Social Media
  4. Get at least 25 people To Open An Active V Account with your unique Referral Code and you unlock Agent 1 Level and you received N30,000 that month. Please note your right does not stop there. Of course, there is still lots more to get the N2m. ( Please read our next article on ’How To Get More With V’’)

Vbank is a next-generation bank focused on simple and streamlined virtual banking experience which allows you to execute all banking transactions instantly without visiting the banking hall or talking to any staff of the bank.

It also enables customers to enjoy tailor-made products and services such as target savings, fixed income deposits, investments, and more. The bank offerings are diverse and simplified for great customer experience. This allows anyone to open a V account in 2 minutes on a mobile device using a BVN, PHONE NUMBER, AND ZERO PAPERWORK.

Vbank is powered by VFD Microfinance Bank, a subsidiary of VFD Group. Since the App was launched in Q4 2019, we have hit major milestones like the addition of over 140,000 subscriptions on the bank platform. The App is also ranked No. 1 in digital financial services on the iOS App store based on customer satisfaction.