VBank Endorses Art Exhibition As Metal Artists Set To Tell their Stories

ART is spiritual; it is inspirational. Art memorializes life by giving it fresh prominence when old experiences from the past are artistically expressed. It expresses one’s lived experiences.

Generally, it is not uncommon to hear METAL ARTISTS being referred to as ‘welders’ a toga for street artisans. In reality, metal artists are completely undeserving of such comparison.

In the same vein, it is not surprising that a lot of people label the sounds from the welding process as ‘noise’. But in a professional context, welded metal artists should be rescued from being confined into the erroneous tags of regular welders’ and ‘noise’ creators.

Based on the foregoing, VBank, Nigerian foremost virtual bank powered by VFD Microfinance bank together with Elegance gallery and Nigerian Machine Tools planned partnership with  Thought Pyramid Art Centre, Lagos organizer of  ‘’ANJORIN: Dancemetalphor,’’ an Art exhibition tend to achieve and correct.

According to the organizer,  ’Anjorin; Dancemetalphor,’’ is an exhibition that would exclusively showcase  20 aesthetically pleasing metal sculptures from five outstanding, thought-provoking Nigerian metal sculptors, making the artists’ works time-served and worthy of attention.

It is the first of its kind organized by any Nigerian art gallery. Thought Pyramid Art Center, the cradle of art civilization in Nigeria which is privileged  for them to be making this historic exhibition

The exhibition is scheduled to start with VIP and general public viewing beginning Monday, December 7 to  Sunday 20, 2020 at the  Thought Pyramid Art Center, Norman Williams Street, Ikoyi, Lagos.

And it would feature works of five welded metal artists of the contemporary period from across Nigeria,  who are well versed in metal art followership. They include Adeola Balogun, Fidelis Odogwu, Steve Ekpensi, Collins Abinora, and Dotun Popoola.

As an innovative brand, Vbank’s endorsement of the exhibition formed part of its commitment to rescue professional welded metal artists in the country and repackaged that genre of Art.

In a statement, Ovie Omatsola, an art enthusiast and convener of the exhibition, stressed that the inspiration of  ‘’Anjorin: Dancemetalphor,’’ is a musical allegory that should not be seen as a reaction.

‘’Since we want to believe those who use aforementioned aphorisms are not stakeholders or art lovers with sufficient understanding of the creative industry, nonetheless, Anjorin; Dancemetalphor should be seen as a proactive response to purify the reputation and future of this remarkable sub-genre.

‘’At Thought Pyramid Art Center, we interpret the sounds from the sparkles, iron changing and electrons burning processes heard when a typical metal artist is creating works. In fact, the calming musical ambiance from metal art creation, as far as we are concerned generates rhythmic melody, only if you can listen and not just hear.

‘’Also, ‘’Ajorin: Dancemetalphor’’ is born out of the increasing need to show people in the local art community that only METAL SCULPTORS can create distinctive METAL SCULPTURES/ARTS that are interesting and exciting, special and heavenly. It focuses on educating, re-orientating, and informing the public while simultaneously entertaining them.’’ Ovie said.

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