How You Can Benefit from VFD Bridge Financing & Loans

The majority of people I know want to increase their financial success. If this is also what you want to do, you need solid financial Advisory Services from VFD Bridge.

What do you need and how do you intend to increase financial success especially now that the coronavirus pandemic has left the world’s economy in complete chaos. Loads of employees have become unemployed.

Entrepreneurs who took loans to support their businesses were affected by the lockdown measures. Even global conglomerates took a hit, and stock prices dropped.

Of course, In the post-pandemic period, there had been more people in debt, compared to the previous year. Don’t let the anxiety affect you psychologically or ruined you completely.

In this article, I will be showing you how VFD Bridge, a subsidiary of VFD Group tailored personal financial advisory services is helping businesses and individuals plan for their future expenses, save for specific outcomes, finance asset acquisitions, and more.

It might interest you to know that VFD Bridge has spent a lot of time working with professionals who understand the market and also with individuals and entrepreneurs to understand different cash flow/ income variants, giving them the knowledge and experience to help self-employed individuals, professionals, shareholders, and key employees develop financial independence.

More importantly, its loan rates are the cheapest in the short-term lending business as it charges no penalties on early repayments, and the customers have full flexibility to decide how to repay.

To this end, there are four bespoke services you need. These services determine how fast or slow you achieve financial freedom.

1. Invoice discounting

VFD Bridge advances you credit on the basis of your outstanding invoices, which should be issued by reputable companies. This product is ideal for entrepreneurs who are involved in the execution of local purchase orders and need to access cash quickly to execute jobs.

You can access as much as N5 million for up to six months for invoice discounting.

What you’ll need

(a) Copy of acknowledged invoice(s) for payments submitted by you to the company who has issued the purchase order

(b) Permission from the client company to domicile payment received with us.

2. Small Asset Financing

With the lease offering, you can conveniently purchase small assets with VFD Bridge financing and payback for up to 12 months. This product is ideal for corporate employees, based on employment status.

What you’ll need

(a) Post-dated cheques

(b) Evidence of employment

(c) Copy of identity card (original to be sighted)

3. Lending (Bridge finance)

This non-asset backed product is offered to corporate clients only and involves advancing credit on the basis of employment status and financial position.

The lending offering comes with a repayment period of up to 6 months. Depending on the amount you request, this product may be accessed without a guarantor.

We believe it’s best to let you define how best you can make repayments based on your planned cash flows, so we offer full repayment flexibility on our lending.

What you’ll need

(a) Proof of employment, e.g. an employment letter

(b) Your bank statement for the last 6 months

(c) Copy of identity card (original be sighted)

4. SL&BB (Sale-lease and buyback)

With this product, you can sell an asset like your vehicle to VFD Bridge and we will lease it back to you as a rental, with the option to buy it back for its original sale price plus rental accruals.

You enjoy a six-month repayment period on this product and our rental fees boast the lowest rate in the business.

What you’ll need

(a) Original vehicle documents (proof of ownership, license, and insurance policy cover)

(b) Bank statement for the last 3 months

(c) Copy of workplace identity card (original be sighted)

Our rates are the cheapest in the short term lending market.



About VFD Bridge

VFD Bridge is a debt investment company that provides personal financial advisory services to individuals and small businesses.

VFD Bridge was founded by a group of young, skilled Nigerian professionals with diverse backgrounds, from commercial banking, consulting, and investment banking to telecoms and technology, with a vision to be the #1 alternative finance company in Africa.


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