‘’Our Duke Has Gone Mad Again’’ an unusual entertainment

On the evening of Christmas and boxing day in Lagos, mask-wearing guests filed in to watch Patrick Diabuah, Kelvin Mary Ndukwe, Kemi Bickersteth, and Chantal Edgar dazzle on stage for hours, under the direction of the renowned Director Segun Adefila and William Benson.

‘Our Duke Has Gone Mad Again’ is a beautifully written anthology of works running a whole gamut of emotions ranging from the excitement of life, down to the sharp pain of sorrow occasioned by the loss of a loved one.

Well, ‘Mad’ here is the acronym for- ‘Making a Difference’ according to Joseph Edgar, the producer of the play. ‘’Our Duke Has Gone Mad Again’’ is a depiction of happenings in the Nigerian society; it presents an opportunity to witness firsthand different situations and to draw one’s own conclusions about them.

V Bank stand at the event

The rich theatre tradition engages the audience by mirroring the socio-political commentary on life in the country. From ‘Allure of Praise,’ to ‘Rape in Marriage,’ ‘The Magic of Purple on the Church,’ and ‘Don’t Cry Be A Man,’ it is quite remarkable how strikingly thought-provoking each play and monologue was. The monologue served as a soothing balm on a society emerging from the ravages of a pandemic, serving as well as a guide and an arrowhead on the way to self-reawakening.

From the choice of the cast to the venue – a spacious lush garden called the Finery, nestled in upper-class Ikoyi – to the all-white dress code prescribed for attendees, and the celebration of prominent Nigerians who have supported the production and Nigerian theatre including Nonso Okpala, Group Managing Director, VFD Group Plc – who was celebrated in a documentary – the ceremony was well thought out and finely executed.

Co-Executive Producers for the play were Dr. Ibiene Ogolo, Mofoluwake Edgar, and Olisa Adibua and it was brought to public viewing by The Duke of Shomolu Productions.






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