Valentine’s Day: Five Ways to Love Better!

St. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if there’s anything the last one year of the pandemic has taught us, it is to seize the moment, cherish our loved ones and celebrate life while living. For this reason, this year’s Valentine’s Day should not be one to pass on.

We have taken the time to put together five easy and effective ways you can show love this beautiful season.

  1. Thoughtful gifting:

Whether you have saved enough to paint the town red or you’re still paying off your Christmas shopping debt, it is important to know that a thoughtful gift for a loved one isn’t necessarily expensive. It can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. So, what is a thoughtful gift? It is simply one that meets a need of the other person. And not just that. Usually, thoughtful gift ideas come from actively thinking about this person and seeking to enhance him/her. This particular need or wish may have been directly communicated by the receiver or not. Often times, the surprise element is in presenting gifts that speak to the latter category.

  1. Quality time

February 14 may be a popular date for gifting chocolates, flowers, fancy dinners, and proposals but what if you can’t afford anything grand? When it comes to showing love, there are many, many ways to do so, and the good old-fashioned quality time still tops the list. Enjoy the presence of your significant other devoid of phones or social media distraction. Let him/her know (s)he has all your attention and talk about your lives together. Don’t talk about the pandemic, or politics or the economy. It’s not time for fault-finding or settling of old scores. Rather it’s time to reflect on the good times and dream of the one to come. Stay off triggering topics and just enjoy one another’s company, preferably playing your favourite songs, watching movies, and snuggled under the blanket. A bottle of wine helps too.  

3. Virtual date:

While the preference remains being physically present, the Covid-19 pandemic means that we need to be safe and keep our loved ones safe if we want to be around for longer. In a case where you can’t be with your partner on Valentine’s, make it a virtual date. Send the gifts in advance and meet up for wine, music, and movies on Skype, Zoom, Teams, Telegram at an agreed time. Dress up, turn on your cameras and tune out the rest of the world. It will be fun, trust me! it is not worth risking found the one your heart desires yet? Well, don’t let that bother you.

4.  Date Night Dinner Out:

When was the last time you had a date night with your spouse or loved one? Date nights allow you to focus solely on one another, strengthening your connection, energizing your bond, and simply helping you make wonderful memories together. But what happens when you’re bored with just dinner and a movie? Don’t worry. Whether you want to stay in or go out for a fun evening to ignite sparks of romance, you can create a bucket list together (or check off an item). You can even have a midnight picnic, coffee and conversation, cocktails, and slow dancing, anything positive just to make the night a memorable experience.

 5. The little things that count

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So, how are you planning to celebrate Valentine this year? Share with us in the comment section.

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