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Everything you need to bank better Is right in your palms

We are literarily putting the future of banking in your palms. With proximity payment, multiple card management system, tap to pay and quick menu, this is the better way to bank.

This innovative upgrade redefines virtual banking, with a power to explore now and the future with V.

Get paid for being
within range

V presents Proximity Pay

Users can pay or receive money from a nearby recipient. Both sender and receiver must have proximity payment open on the App and have the NFC feature of their phone turned on.

With proximity Payments, users can transfer to multiple nearby recipients at the same time, or to a single recipient at a time.

All your cards
One bank app

Say Hi to Multiple Cards

We are giving you back the power to control all your finances with one app. Add multiple bank cards to your V app, and transact in and out of several accounts right from V

The V app is a virtual pocketbook and all your bank cards can go on it, regardless of the issuer.

vbank multiple cards
Vbank tap to pay

Tap is the new Pay

Introducing Tap to Pay

Make payments with our Tap to Pay feature which uses radio technology on NFC-equipped devices to communicate with contactless payment terminals.

All it takes is one tap of your device with the V app installed. No pins or passwords required. Life is ease with V.

Bank efficiently with
the Quick Menu

Enhance your user experience by specifying your most frequently used functions of the app, and put them into the quick menu page for easier access. 

V has you covered with a wide selection of options in paying for good and services.

Recurring Transactions

Say the word
V does the rest

Recurring Transactions

Create recurring transactions on transfers or bill payments

Imagine having an automated assistant to cover all your financial commitments, pay your bills and taxes on time.

Stop imagining and download the V app

Track spend, make better decisions

Advance Budgeting

Our Budget feature allows you to add limits to your daily, weekly and monthly spends, and tracks the progress for you as well.

Vbank Advance Budgeting
vbank QR Code

Literarily no limits

Scan transaction with QR Code

This feature wipes out the need for excuses to sending or receiving funds. It allows users to make transfers or receive payments by scanning a QR code

One transaction multiple recipients

Introducing Multiple Beneficiaries Transaction

Send money within a single transaction to many recipients in one click. We are making the best use of every second so you worry about other things while V manages transactions

Joint Accounts

Couples can synchronise their budgets and expenditure to achieve financial chemistry with V’s Joint Account. 

Take your partnership to the next level and manage a united financial vision with one account that’s twice as nice.

However you choose To bank, we have got you

Making banking more fun and versatile, seamless and social with our multiple banking channels designed to deliver the revolution of digital banking right at your fingertips.
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