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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Share your referral code with friends and family and follow up to keep encouraging them to use the V app to increase your chances of meeting the milestones for payment.

    No. Every customer of V has a unique referral code which they can share.

    Yes, you are. A Veelager is anyone who has joined the Veelage with interest to earn additional income or promote the V brand. However, you need to achieve the set milestones before you can start earning.

    No. You can build up your bank at your pace. However, you will only be paid from the month which you meet the minimum criteria.

    The account is inactive because it has not met the stipulated minimum daily average balance of N2000.

    Daily average balance is the closing balance for each day the account exists in a month divided by the exact number of days.

    Thus, Average Balance = (Addition of closing balances for each day of the month) / (Number of the days in the month)

    If the account was existing before the beginning of the month, this is the balances of Day 1 to Day 30/31 divided by 30/31.

    If the account was created during the month, this is the balances from account creation date to Day 30/31 divided by number of days the account existed.

    An account becomes active when it achieves a minimum daily average balance of N2,000

    Yes, it can. An account can become inactive anytime during the month if the daily average balance moves below N2000. However, such account can still become active in the same month if it received inflow that bring the daily average balance back to minimum N2000

    No. The payment is on a uniform day to every Veelager; hence payment will be made on the 3rd working day of every new month for qualifying Veelagers.

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